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ICAR Sponsored Summer School On New Age Extension Strategy for Communication Proficiency and Managerial Skill for Extension Professionals: Concept, Approach, Methodology and Application
on September 07 Ė 27 , 2016

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Notification for Continuance

Both Dept. of Agriculture, GoWB and BCKV are actively working together to restart the project. Two meetings were held respectively on 8th Dec,14 and 9th Jan.15 for second extension. Same 102 scouts will continue the same assignments if approved for continuance. The PI and all Co-PIs are all cooperating to give all positive inputs for continuance. University is too happy while working with the Scouts and feel for them. All Scouts and support staffs of the project are requested to keep patience to get the final approval and to receive the grant-in-aid in favor of University.

Principal Investigator

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