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Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Science

One of the old and large Departments of this University with comparatively larger number of Faculties shouldering greater responsibility of offering five different compulsory courses and two sets of advance elective courses in Soil Science and  Soil Microbiology.  The Department also offers three job oriented courses in  organic matter decomposition, bio-fertilizer production, and soil and water testing.  Courses are also offered to B. Sc. (Hort.) and B. Tech. (Ag. Engg.) students  of the University.  The  Department offers  courses leading to M. Sc. (Ag.) Degree  with two major options for students in Soil Science and Soil Microbiology.  Doctoral research  programmes  include  the fields of characterization of Potassium reserve in some soils of West Bengal, re-cycling of farm waste and rapid composting technologies, studies on Arsenic mobilization, retention, microbial transformation and interaction with organic soil and micro-nutrient status in soils in different districts of West Bengal. 

Sl.No   Name                                   
E-mail Mobile
1. Dr. S.C.Poi Professor (superannuated) 09433072991
2. Dr. D.Saha Professor (superannuated) 09432250173
3. Dr. B.Mandal Professor 09051465445
4. Dr. G.C.Hazra Professor and Head 09474601404
5. Dr. S.K.Pal Professor 09830827084
6. Dr. S.K.Patra Professor 09433786506
7. Dr. A.C.Das Professor 09434455336
8. Dr. S.K.Ghosh Professor 09874412987
9. Dr. S.C.Kole Professor 09432954975
10. Dr. N. Saha Associate Professor 09433777855
11. Dr. P.K.Patra Professor 09007578684
12. Dr. P.K.Mani Professor 09477465968

Class notes of Dr. P.K.Mani: Analytical Chemistry, NRM & RS, Manures ;

13. Dr. P. K.Bandyopadhyay Professor 09433335557
14. Dr. K. Bhattacharyya Associate Professor 09477532058
15. Dr. A. Debnath Professor & SO(Dev.) 09433118743
16. Dr. H. Saha Assistant Professor 09331883488
17. Dr. T. Biswas Assistant Professor 09477466036
18. Dr. Kaushik Batabyal Assistant Professor 08348609944
19. Miss Sudeshna Mondal Assistant Professor 09474407376
20. Mr. Shubhadip Dasgupta Assistant Professor 08013472996
21. Dr. Sidhu Murmu Assistant Professor  09932204330
22 Dr. Sushanta Saha Assistant Professor 08820196375
23. Dr. Dibyendu Sarkar Assistant Professor  09432010595
24. Mr. Arup Dey Assistant Professor 08961743427
25. Mr. Arindam Sarkar Assistant Professor 08768468377
26. Miss Madhumonti Saha Assistant Professor 08100138842
27. Mr. Arup Sen Assistant Professor 09641354606

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