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Genetics & Plant Breeding

Visions of the Genetics are learning (enhancing access to quality education), discovery (expanding knowledge through research) and engagement (collaborating with diverse institution, communities and people to improve live). Important research and technology developed by the departmental scientists and out put which has been used in the commercial application are: a) three photoperiod sensitive varieties of capsularis jute b) one olitorius jute variety c) one tomato variety by mutation breeding d) two rice bean varieties and e) one US patent pending on ‘Methods and composition for expressing multiple genes in plants by alternate splicing of a polycistronic message’. Major areas of research activities of our faculty members are on in vitro culture of tea, medicinal and aromatic plants for rapid micro-propagation and high secondary metabolites, identification of molecular markers linked with biotic and abiotic stress tolerant gene in greengram, blackgram, chilly etc., marker assisted breeding in rice and rice bean, genetics of plant –microbes interaction (specially of Phytophthora) and plant para- retro virus promoters. This subject is having eight seats for master degree in each year and four to five seats for doctoral programme at a time.
The subject Plant Breeding offers one compulsory and four advance courses to selected students in Under Graduate classes. Post Graduate courses are offered to M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D.. Out of PG programme, a good number of students conducted research in areas of breeding. Teachers of the Department are engaged in different ICAR and W.B. Govt. aided research projects as well as their own research activities including development of suitable baby corn, sweet corn and green maize lines and production technology, aromatic rice, forage corps, oil seed and pulses.

Sl.No Name Designation                      
E-mail Mobile
1. Dr. Dilip Kumar  De Professor 09474363157
2. Prof. Asit Baran Mandal Professor(Superannuated)  08697020924
3. Prof. Kisor Kumar Sarkar Professor(Superannuated)  09433363161
4. Prof. C. Bhattacharya Professor  
5. Dr. S. Bhattacharya Professor  09433556387
6. Dr. R. Sadhukhan Professor  09874940816
7. Dr. Bijoy Kumar Senapati
Professor  09433841648
8. Dr. Subhra Mukherjee Professor and Head  09434168936
9. Dr. Prabir kumar Bhattacharyya Associate Professor 09433242858
10. Dr. Anita Aich Associate Professor 09434657055
11. Dr. Gouranga Sundar Mandal Assistant Professor 09851932206
12. Dr. Joydeep Banerjee Assistant Professor 08276914432
13. Dr. Sujaya Dewanjee Assistant Professor 09432089738
14. Dr. Sutanu Sarkar Assistant Professor 09883084507
15. Dr. Saikat Gantait Assistant Professor 09874365064
16. Dr. Anirban Maji Assistant Professor 09432579627
17. Dr. Arpita Das Assistant Professor 08902186237
18. Dr. Subhasis Samanta Assistant Professor 09560566420
19. Dr. Debashis Saren Assistant Professor 09933172212

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