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This Department offers eight compulsory courses and two job oriented courses on seed production and rainfed farming to UG students.Higher courses are offered to M.Sc.(Ag.) students who conducted researches in diverse areas and submitted their dissertation.A large number of Doctoral students have completed their research and submitted thesis.The works mainly covered effects of different major nutrients on growth, yield and quality of groundnut,effect of NKS and FYM on yield and quality of jute-rice-potato sequence,rice-cum-prawn culture in intensive cropping system,performance of Yambean and inter-cropping with pigeonpea,response of Berseem to N,P,K and S,INM in rice-pulse cropping system in rainfed lateritic Belt and compatibility of herbicides with other pesticides and fertilizers in potato.

1. To impart teaching, research and extension in the field of agronomy leading with undergraduate and post-graduate courses including doctoral degree programme;
2. The department deal with crop husbandry including weed science and water management as field of specializations;
3. The department worked with crop nutrition (Integrated Nutrient Management, INM), Natural Resource Management (NRM) including water management research, Best Management Practices (BMP) along with physiological aspects of crops;
4. The department is associated with crop and water productivity enhancement programme;
5. The department is dealt with dissemination of appropriate location specific crop production and water management technologies amongst the farmers.

Sl.No. Name    Designation E-mail Mobile
1. Dr. P. S. Bera Professor 09433732057
2. Dr. K. Sengupta Professor & Head 09433166501
3. Dr. R. K. Ghosh Professor 09433145340
4. Dr. A. M. Puste Professor 09231813874
5. Dr. P. Bandyopadhyay Professor 09433360367
6. Dr. D. Maiti Professor 09330692269
7. Dr. T. K. Basu Professor 09432460987
8. Dr. A. K. Pal Professor   09433128456
9. Dr. M. Pramanick Professor 09433289720
10. Dr. S. K. Mukhopadhyay Professor 09433039548
11. Dr. Pintoo Bandopadhyay Professor 09433133884
12. Dr. S. Pal    Professor 09330972598
13. Dr. S. B. Goswami Professor 09433479441
14. Dr. D. Dutta Professor 09433893800
15 Dr. B. C. Patra Professor & DSW 09433757778
16. Dr. Koushik Brahmachari Professor & Director of Extension Education 09434252342
17. Dr. Rajib Nath Professor 09433164104
18. Dr. C. K. Kundu Professor 09433252351
19. Dr. A. Chakraborty    Associate Professor 09477052541
20. Dr. M. Roy Associate Professor 09433048628
21. Dr. Mrityunjay Ghosh Professor 033-2568 8212
22. Dr. Sunil Kumar Gunri Associate Professor 09434136642
23. Dr. Hirak  Banerjee Associate Professor 09433335724
24. Dr. Dhiman Mukherjee Associate Professor 09474083413
25. Dr. Benukar Biswas Associate Professor 09434759696
26. Dr. Bikas Mondal Associate Professor 09474320873
27. Dr. Kanu Murmu Assistant Professor 09800338055
28. Dr. Smritikana Sarkar Assistant Professor 08759377402
29. Dr. Chaitan Soren Assistant Professor 09681180535
30. Dr. Sanjib Kr. Das Assistant Professor 09433805709
31. Dr. Rajib Kundu Assistant Professor 09231611627
32. Miss. Anita Hansda Assistant Professor 09038855630, 9635646671
33. Dr. Sibajee Banerjee Assistant Professor 09474509089
34. Mr. Ratneswar Poddar Assistant Professor 09433352383
35. Dr. Kalyan Jana Assistant Professor & OIC, AICRPon FC&U 09932250618
36. Mr. Golam Moinuddin Assistant Professor 09476218003
37. Miss Srijani Maji Assistant Professor 09051554267
38. Dr. Md. Hedayetullah Assistant Professor 09432962528
39. Dr. Sanchita Mondal Assistant Professor 08336944902
40. Dr. Sonali Biswas Assistant Professor 07384587030

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