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"Merit List of UG Courses for the academic session 2017-18 will be published on 04.07.2017"
Notification : Admission for P.G. & Ph.D.
"Online Application Form"- Master Degree 2017.
"Online Application Form"- Doctoral Degree Programme -2017-18..
Notification : B.Tech
(Agril. Engg) (WBJEE - 2017)

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National Seminar on Nutrients and pollutants in soil-plant-animal-human continuum for sustaining soil, food and nutritional security - way forward.
From Jun 09 to 12 , 2017

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Admission Notification- 2017-18

"Merit List of UG Courses for the academic session 2017-18 will be published on 04.07.2017"
Notification : P.G. & Ph.D. 2017-18
(Notice No. 1 dt. 16/06/2017)

"Online Application Form" for Master Degree 2017
"Online Application Form" for Doctoral Degree Programme -2017-18.
Brochure for Admission to Master Degree and Doctoral Degree Programme: 2017-18

Syllabus for Master Degree Entrance Examination (Agriculture; Horticulture & Agricultural Engineering) - 2017

Syllabus for Doctoral Degree entrance examination (Agriculture, Horticulture & Agricultural Engineering) -2017
  Notification : B.Tech (Agril. Engg) (WBJEE - 2017)
(Ref. FCS/Engg/Misc/1547/2017 Dated: 21.06.2017)
  Notification : Undergraduate Admission (2017-18)
(No. ASS/1/U.G. 2017-18)
"Online Application Form" for Undergraduate Admission 2017
  ( Last date for submission of online application : 19.06.2017 ) 


The achievement of this Viswavidyalaya in providing best quality education to number of students in Agriculture, Horticulture and Agricultural Engineering during the period under review is summarized. The three Under-Graduate courses each of four-year or eight-term duration offering degrees like B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.), B.Sc.Hort.(Hons.) and B.Tech.(Hons.), recognized by ICAR and AICTE respectively, have been conducted successfully. For all these Under Graduates, out of the eight-term programme the last or one term has been an exposure session in the form of On-Farm or In-Plant trainings called as Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RA WE) and Rural Horticultural Work Experience (RHWE) in the former two cases and 2 months Industrial Training (Project I & II) in VII & VIII terms for the later.

Over a period of time Viswavidyalaya is in the process of switching over to modem system of education and evaluation as is being followed in premier institutions in the country and abroad keeping parity with All-India pattern. Course and Credit System of education at all the levels of Under Graduates, Post-Graduates and Doctoral Degree Programme has been introduced successfully. The students are being awarded grades in 10.0 scale at all levels having short tests and end term for evaluation of theories and regular class evaluation for practical. This has successfully enhanced the participation of students in the education process.

The Undergraduate Education in the University is coordinated by Deans of the respective Faculties, while the Post-Graduate Education is coordinated by Dean, Post¬Graduate Studies with the assistance of Examination Section under the Registrar. The Post Graduate academic programmes are, however, held in the respective Faculties, the facilities being provided by the Dean of Faculty concerned and more specifically by Heads of the Departments. At postgraduate level the students have to undertake a minimum of 40-credit¬hour-courses including two seminars and evaluation is through four short tests, one end term and one comprehensive for the entire course. The non-credit dissertation is compulsory and submitted on the basis of their research work. Earlier offering of M.Sc.(Ag.) the courses continued in 10 disciplines under Agriculture Faculty. With the creation of five new Departments, the M.Sc.(Ag.) degree is now offered in those new disciplines also since 2000.

Master degree programmes are offered in 15 academic departments out of 17 numbers, and require a student to complete 40 credit hour course work, 2 seminars and project work (noncredit). The programme requires 4 semesters each of 6 months duration at the minimum. Evaluation includes four short tests (40%) and one End term (60%) in theories, and continuous evaluation in practicals. Results are given in 10.0 point scale in numerical grade. For project work a dissertation is submitted by the student to be examined by external examiners. There are written and oral Comprehensive examinations also.

Doctoral Degree programmes are offered in all the 17 academic departments. Doctoral degree programmes are research work based programme with a minimum of 12 credit hour course work and 3 seminars. Minimum eligibility is masters degree in the subject or in cognate branch of science. Students having no basic degree in agriculture requires to undergo 15 credit hours additional course work in basic agriculture. Limited number of scholarship are aviailable for doctoral students in additional to Research Fellowships available through ad-hoc research projects in Departments funded by outside agencies like ICAR, ARC, CSRI, UGC, Govt. of India and others.

The system of imparting instructions and evaluation are course and credit system completed in 8 (eight) term. Each term shall be of 15 weeks duration for classes. Maximum of 4, 2 and 1 week will be required respectively for End Term examinations, Study leave and Examination, Term Break.  Short tests and practical examinations are to be held during class hours.

Attending class in Faculty or in Farm is students, own responsibility. Attending regularly to the notices of the Faculty at the Notice Board of the Dean,s Office is also important. Timely submission of applications for scholarships, examination or collection of admit card or deposition of fees and applications, withdrawal of scholarship or stipend etc. are students, responsibility. Any absence from classes etc. on genune medical ground will require submission of application in time in proper form with evidences. During working days students can not leave the campus without prior permission from Dean/Head, Department. No tours can be held on working days. Attending examinations on declared date & time, appearing in examinations in disciplined and fair manner, abiding by a all instructions of invigilators is most important, failing which students may invite academic punishments. As per course & credit system, the evaluation of all courses are internal and to be done by teacher concerned, having no moderating etc.

There are hostels for Post Graduate and Reasearch Students.These hostels should be treated as a facility provided by the Viswavidayalaya for the students registered in the Viswavidyalaya in accordance with the Stautes and Regulations. The right of admission and continuance in the hostels as a boarder are reserved by the Viswavidyalaya. Residence in the hostel is compulsory for all students registered for PG and Ph.D courses. Provided that the Dean of the Faculty concerned permits a student to reside outside the hostel with his/her parents/guardians residing within 15 kilometers from the Faculty subject to the conditions that :
a) The application of the student should be accompanied by a letter from the parents/guardian/relative to the effect that the student will be leaving with them and under their care during the period of his/her stay at the Viswavidyalaya and
b) The permission so accorded shall be withdrawn if the student fails to attend to the theory and practical classes timely and regularly as per class schedule during a term/semester.

The student residing in a hostel shall be required to abide by the Hostel Rules and other instructions issued by the Hostel Authorities from time to time. Any breach of hostel rules or such other instructions will render a student liable to disciplinary action.

Evaluation System: University in compliance with the modern system of evaluating examination performance, announces results in grades taking 10.00 as the maximum point attainable. The performance of the student is indicated on the basis of specified calculation, the procedure for which is also stated in the grade card. Generally, in order to arrive at the actual percentage of these students, scoring out of 100, the indicated grade point as scored by the student may be multiplied by 10 (ten). On referring to our previous records it is also stated that this University took for all purpose, a score of 65% and above, under the system of grade point marking, as euivalent to first class under traditional system.

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