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Plant Pathology

The Department offers two core compulsory courses in Plant Pathology and two in plant protection for UG students.It also offers  four advance courses and two job oriented courses on mushrooms and bio-pesticides to Under Graduates. Department  offers M. Sc. (Ag.) courses in Plant Pathology. A number of students completed their doctoral research and submitted thesis. Researches include viral  diseases of potato, sheath blight and stem rot of rice,race problems of maize leaf blight, leaf blight pathogen of wheat, diseases of betelvine, oil seed, vegetables and fruit crops, bio-control of plant diseases with fungal and bacterial antagonists and VA-Mycorrhiza in growth promotion of bamboos.A monograph on viruses of crops and weeds in Eastern India was published in collaboration with Rothamsted Experimental Station,U. K.The department imparts training on Mushroom technology.

Sl.No Name Designation
1. Dr. D.C. Khatua Professor (superannuated)
2. Dr. S.K.Pan Professor (superannuated)
3. Dr. B.K.De Professor (superannuated)
4. Dr. P.K. Bhattacharyaya Professor
5. Dr. B. Dasgupta Professor (superannuated) , In-Charge of Burdwan Campus
6. Dr.(Mrs.) G.Ghosh(Dutta) Professor (Res.)  (superannuated)
7. Dr.  P.S. Nath Professor & Head
8. Dr. I . Bhattacharya Professor
9. Dr. Srikanta Das Professor & Dean,F/Ag.
10. Dr. Amitava Basu Professor
11. Dr. J.K.Tarafdar Professor
12. Dr. J. Saha Sr. Lecturer
13. Dr. D.K. Mishra Associate Professor
14. Dr. B.N. Panja Professor
15. Dr. S.K. Roy Associate Professor
16. Dr. A. Chakraborty Associate Professor
17. Dr. Subrata Dutta Sr. Lecturer
18. Dr. Rishu Sharma Assistant Professor,E-mail :rrishu.sharma90@gmail.com;
19. Dr. Goutam Mandal Assistant Professor, E-mail :gmbckv@gmail.com;
20. Dr. Ashis Roy Barman Assistant Professor, E-mail :ashisroybarman@gmail.com;
21. Dr.Subhendu Jash Assistant Professor,E-mail : drsubhendujash@gmail.com

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