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ICAR Sponsored Summer School On New Age Extension Strategy for Communication Proficiency and Managerial Skill for Extension Professionals: Concept, Approach, Methodology and Application
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Agricultural Meteorology & Physics

Established in the year 1995 this department offers full fledged Masters and Doctoral degree in Agricultural Meteorology in addition to one core and four elective courses at undergraduate level. Courses and research work of this department include studies on soil-crop–weather relationship and modeling, crop microclimate and their modifications, assessment of regional agroclimatic potential, climatological aspects of agricultural water management, weather relationship of pest and disease incidence, weather forecasting and its application in crop management, climate change and its influence in agriculture and Remote Sensing as well as Geographical Information System applications in natural resource management.The department has a Principal Agrometeorological Observatory and number of sophisticated micrometeorological instruments along with a computer laboratory. This department also offers weather- based agrometeorological advisory service to the farmers in collaboration with DST, Government of India. Four ad hoc research projects have already been completed and three such projects are in operation by the faculties of this department. 

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Dr. P. K. Chakraborty
Professor 09432420586
Dr. S. A. Khan
Professor 09433559185
Dr. S. Sarkar
Professor 09433984631
Dr. A. Saha
Professor 09433317027
Professor 09433605287
Dr. L. Das
Professor & Head 09836207664
Dr. Manoj Kr. Nanda
Professor 09883114840
Dr. Gautam Saha
Professor 09433263882
Assistant Professor 09477497960

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