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Directorate of Extension Education

The Directorate of Extension Education, in the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, was created only in 1994 through upgradation of the “Field Extension Wing”, which took care of mainly the farm advisory services among a few villages, surrounding the headquarter campus of the Viswavidyalaya. The upgradation attempt, though initiated quite late, was made in line with the mandate of the SAUs to organize ‘first line extension” activities to complement their research. and educational role, as well as to strengthen the efforts of the state extension machinery towards transferring proven and tested technological options for increased production and productivity. However, the manpower, as well as the infrastructural conditions, corresponding to the enlargement of the mandated roles and responsibilities assumed by the Directorate, consequent to its upgradation, continued to remain inadequate.

The roles and responsibilities of the Directorate of Extension Education were enlarged to accommodate the recommendations of the Randhawa Committee (1978) and the National Commission on Agriculture (1976) . These recommendations, inter-alta, suggested a complementary role for the education and research for organizing the extension functions through the following three sets of interrelated activities:

In order to achieve these mandated functions, the Directorate of Extension Education organizes its activities under the following broad categories:

a.      Technology Refinement and Upgradation

b.      Technology Integration

c.      Publication, Demonstration & Information Assistance

d.      Participatory Techniques for Research and Extension

e.      Training Module Development

f.        Capacity Building


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