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Animal Science

This Department is established in the year 1995, after revitalizing the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Kalyani, primarily to cater the teaching, research and extension in Animal Husbandry in this university. Presently this is a full-fledged department under the Faculty of Agriculture of this university, and it is located in the Agriculture Faculty Building at Mohanpur, Dist. Nadia, West Bengal. This Department is maintaining an Instructional Livestock Farm for catering practical classes, research and demonstration purposes. It also maintains two laboratories for the students. Researches on broiler rabbit, Black Bengal goat, Garole sheep and broiler chicken production are the assets of this Department. The Department is also interested in physical characterization, ethno-veterinary health care and livestock ethological studies. 

Courses Offered:
After reorientation of ICAR syllabus for B Sc (Ag) Hons. Course & Curricula, this Department is offering  the following undergraduate courses.
ASC-152:Livestock Production and Management (2+1)- compulsory for B Sc (Ag) Hons.
ASC-151 Introductory Animal Husbandry (1+1)- compulsory for B Sc (Hort) Hons.
ASC-453: Commercial Poultry Farming (1+2)-module based experiential learning course for B Sc (Ag) Hons.
Besides this, the Department offers doctoral programme including requisite higher level course works and researches leading to Ph D (Animal Science). 

Books/Manuals published: 19 nos.

Patents achieved: 04 nos. (in the name of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya; Inventer: Dr. Mrinal Dasgupta):
1. Underwater water sampler for collecting water sample for limnological work (Granted Patent No.203213
2. Underwater Water Sampler (different design) (Granted Patent No. 244244).
3. Underwater Soil Sampler (Patent application No. 133/KOL/2004 dt.23-3-2004)
4. Living fish transportation system (Patent application No. 1065/KOL/2005 dated 11/24/1



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1. Dr. Chanchal Kanti Biswas Professor & Head [email protected]
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2. Dr. Subhendu Dutta Professor [email protected]
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3. Mrs. Anupa Biswas Assistant Professor  [email protected]
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