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Administrative Branches

Administrative Branches
The Administrative Branch of the University deals with matters pertaining to administration is headed by a Registrar who is being assisted by a Deputy Registrar, three Assistant Registrars. There are 7 (seven) sections in the branch in addition to a Legal Cell, Care-taking Unit and Registrar’s / Dy. Registrar’s Secretariat. The functioning of these Sections including staff position (includes Office Superintendents, Personal Assistant to Registrar / Stenographers / Law Assistant / Clerical Assistants and Office Attendants) is mentioned below.

1.  Establishment Section:
Staff position - 33 nos. Deal with promotion, transfer, fixation of pay, leave, service book, retirement / terminal benefits and welfare of employees.

2.  Recruitment Section:
Staff position - 6 nos. Deal with appointment, placement and confirmation.
3.  Admission & Scholarship Section:
Staff position – 9 nos. Deal with admission, scholarship and matters relating to students.
4.  Examination Section:
Staff position – 12 nos. Deal with conducting examinations of students / publication of results.
5.  Common Service Section:
Staff position – 27 nos. Deal with transport system / vehicles/ general purchase and stores.
6.  Meeting Section:
Staff position – 7 nos. Deal with meetings of Executive Council and Court and other Committees.
7.  Receipt & Dispatch Section:
Staff position – 6 nos. Deal with receipt and     despatch of correspondences.
8.   Legal Cell:
Staff position – 5 nos. Deal with all legal matters and estate.
9.  Caretaking Unit:
Staff position – 5 nos.  Deal with taking care of minor civil works / cleaning of administrative building and maintenance of guesthouse.
10. Registrar’s / Dy. Registrar’s Secretariat:
Staff position- 11 nos. Deal with assisting the office of the Registrar and Dy. Registrar.