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Directorate of Research

The Directorate of Research at Kalyani is the coordinating-monitoring headquarters of the research stations, sub-stations, units, sub-units and projects spread over the jurisdiction of the Viswavidyalaya. A substantial number of research Projects under various programmes and funding modes operate on farmers’ fields (on-farm trials, FLD trials) at representative locations of three major agro-climatic regions of the Stale and also at other zones across West Bengal. Several experiments are conducted in a scientist-farmer participatory manner. Highlights of the ongoing research activities and their achievements during the period under reference are depicted below 

The Directorate of Research carries out its technology generation, refinement and standardization endeavour through a network of various Research Units of the University.

Research Authorities

Established in 1974, the governance and management of the Directorate of Research is based on a multi-tier approach as shown in above figure. The statutory authorities involved with the research policies are the Executive Council and the Court. The degree research programmes (M.Sc.and Ph.D) are basically regulated and monitored by the Board of Research Studies and, the different departmental Boards of Studies. An overall coordinating authority is the Research Council, which maintains a direct liaison with the Extension Education Council. At each Regional Research Station (RRS), the local arrangement is looked after by the respective Regional Research Station.

Management Committees through the ADRs / OICs

The Regional Research Stations (RRS) and Regional Research Substations (RRSS) were established generally under NARP-II. The substations were originally contemplated as verification stations for the concerned RRSs. With the cessation of NARP funding by ICAR, the entire financial liability accrued to the University / GOWB.BCKV is working on re-mandating of RRSs in order to strengthen extension functions of these stations.

Monitoring or Research Programme

Monitoring of ongoing research programmes is the responsibility of the Research Directorate and the Research Council. The technical programmes are developed in a bottom-up manner and are subject to availability of funds that is perpetually in short supply. The Research Council shall detail the research priorities for BCKV, based on current needs, available facilities and expertise. A multilevel continuous monitoring system through peer groups is being attempted.
The entire research programme of the University is funded by different agencies with the major share coming from the ICAR and GoWB. In addition to these agencies, there are other national and international agencies, which provide funds for research.

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