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The Department came into being in 1965 with Prof. N. Dutt as Head and Professors AB Mukherjee, P.Roy, D. K. Nanda as teachers. Prof. P. Sen was Emiratus Professor. It started in the then Birla College Building (now in possession of WBUAFS) at Mohanpur, which later shifted to Kalyani Building and again back to Mohanpur in the first floor of newly established faculty building in 1990. First batch students were Dr. M.K. Panda, Mr. Pandit and Mr. Ramakrishna.

Initially there was no specialization but later four majors used to be offered from this Department viz. Economic Entomology, Toxicology, Nematology and Acarology.


Courses Offered and Credits Details


Under graduate Courses

Course No. Title of Course Credits Course Instructors 

UG, 1st Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 1st Semester  and B.Sc. (Hort.) Hons. 1st Semester
AEN – 104  Fundamentals of Agricultural Entomology I  3 (2 + 1)  1)Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo (A.K.S.)
2) Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty (S.C.)
3)Dr. Pranab Debnath (P.D.)
AEN(H) – 104  Fundamentals of Agricultural Entomology I  3 (2 + 1) 1) Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo (A.K.S.)
2)Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty (S.C.)
3)Dr. Pranab Debnath (P.D.)

UG, 2nd Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 2nd  Semester 
AEN - 154   Fundamentals of Agricultural Entomology II   2 (1 +1)  1)Prof. A. K. Mukhopadhyay
2)Prof. Krishna Karmakar
3)Dr. Arunava Samanta

UG, 3rd Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 3rd Semester and B.Sc. (Hort.) Hons. 3rd Semester

 AEN – 204  Pest of Crops and Storage and their Management  3 (2 + 1) 1) Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik (A.P.)
2) Dr. Kusal Roy (K.R.)
3) Dr. Asim Kr. Maiti (A.M.)
 AEN(H) – 210  Non-Insect Pests of Horticultural Crops and their Management  2 (1 +1) 1)Prof. Shantanu Jha (S.J.)
2)Dr. Kusal Roy (K.R.)
3)Dr. Pranab Debnath (P.D.)

UG, 4th Semester

B.Sc. (Hort.) Hons. 4th  Semester     
 AEN(H) - 258  Insect Pests of Fruit, Plantation, Medicinal & Aromatic Crops  2 (1 + 1) 1) Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo (A.K.S.)
2) Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti (A.m.)
3) Dr. Sunil Kumar Ghosh

UG, 5th Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 5th Semester     
 AEPP - 306  Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management   3 (2 + 1) 1)Dr. Pranab Debnath (P.D.)
2)Dr. Anamika Kar (A.K)
 EC – 314 [(AEN) Elective]  Biocontrol Agents and Bio-Pesticides in Insect-Pests Management  3 (2 + 1) 1)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik (A.P.)
2) Krishna Karmakar (K. K)
3)Dr. Anamika Kar (A.K)

UG, 6th Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 6th  Semester and B.Sc. (Hort.) Hons. 6th  Semester     
 AEN - 354  Management of Beneficial Insects  2 ( 1 +1 ) 1) Prof. Shantanu Jha (S.J.)
2) Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti (A.M.)
3) Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala (S.C.B.)
 EC - 364  Non-insect Pests of Crops and Their Management  3 (2 + 1) 1) Prof. Krishna Karmakar (K.K.)
2) Dr. Kusal Roy (K.R.)
3) Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo (A.K.S.)
 AEN (H) - 354   Pests of Vegetable, Ornamental and Spice Crops   3 (2 + 1)   1) Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty (S.C.)
 2) Dr. Asim Kumar Maiti (A.M.)
 3)Dr. Anirban Sarkar
UG, 7th Semester    
B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 7th Semester (Module - 2)     
 ENT - 451  Pesticides and Plant Protection Equipments (Module 2)  1 + 1 1)Dr. Arunava Samanta (A.S.)
2)Dr. Anirban Sarkar (A.S.)
 ENT – 452  IPM (Pests Scouting) (Module 2)  1 + 1 1)Prof. Shantanu Jha (S.J.)
2)Dr. Pranab Debnath (P.D.)
 ENT - 453  Non Insect Pests and Management (Module 2)  0 + 1 1)Prof. Krishna Karmakar (K.K.)
2)Dr. Kusal Roy (K.R.)
3) Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo (A.K.S.)
 ENT - 454  Biocontrol Agents and Biopesticides in Pest Management (Module 2)  1 + 1 1)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik (A.P.)
2)Dr. Gautam Chakraborty(G.C.)
B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 7th Semester (Module - 4)     
 ENT - 455  Apiculture and Sericulture (Module 4)  1 + 2   1)Prof. Shantanu Jha (S.J.)
2)Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti (A.K.Maiti)
3) Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala (S.C.B.)

UG, 8th Semester

B.Sc. (Ag.) Hons. 8th Semester RAWE/ELP     
 ELP  Commercial Apiculture     Prof. Shantanu Jha
 ELP  Sericulture     Dr. Asim Kumar Maiti
 ELP  Biocontrol     Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik

Post graduate Courses

Major Compulsory Courses

Course No. Name of the course


Course Instructors

1st Semester  
ENT-501 Insect Morphology 1+1 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo
2.Dr. Anirban Sarkar
ENT-502 Insect Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition 2+1 1.Prof. Shantanu Jha
2.Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
3.Dr. Shanowly Mondal (Ghosh)
ENT-503 Insect Taxonomy and Systematic 2+1 1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2.Dr. Pranab Debnath
3.Dr.Kusal Roy
ENT-504 Insect Ecology & IPM 2+1 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
3.Dr. Arunava Samanta
4.Dr. Sunil Kumar Ghosh
*ENT-505 Advanced Entomological Techniques (would not be offered now) 0+1 1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
2.Dr. Kusal Roy
2nd Semester  
ENT-551 Biological Control of Pests and Weeds 2+1  1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
 2.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
 3.Dr. Anamika Kar
ENT-552 Insects Pests of Field Crops and Storage 2+1  1.Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
 2.Prof. Shantanu Jha
 3.Dr. Amitava Banerjee
ENT-553 Insects Pests of Horticultural Crops 1+1  1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo
 2.Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti
 3.Dr. Anirban Sarka
ENT-554 Agricultural Acarology 1+1 1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
2.Dr. Pranab Debnath
ENT-555 Agricultural Nematology 2+1 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
3.Dr. Kusal Roy
ENT-556 Plant Resistance to Insects 1+0 1.Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
2.Prof. Shantanu Jha
ENT-557 Commercial Entomology 1+1 1.Prof. Shantanu Jha
2.Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti
3.Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala
3rd Semester  
ENT 601 Toxicology of Insecticides (Core Course) 2 + 1  1.Dr. Arunava Samanta
 2.Dr. Shanowly Mondal (Ghosh)
 3.Dr. Sunil Kumar Ghosh
ENT 602 Soil Arthropods and their Management 1 + 1  1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
 2.Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala
ENT 603 Vertebrate pest Management 1 + 1  1.Prof. Shantanu Jha
 2.Dr. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo
ENT 604 Acarine Pests Of Crops 1 + 1  1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
 2.Dr. Pranab Debnath
3. Dr.Anamika Kar
ENT 605 Ecology of Mites 1 + 0  1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
 2.Dr. Pranab Debnath
ENT 606 Nematode Taxonomy 1 + 1  1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
 2.Dr. Kusal Roy
 3.Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala 
ENT 607 Nematode Diseases and Management 1 + 1  1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
 2.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
 3.Dr. Kusal Roy
*ENT 608 Insect Pests of Economically Important Field Crops 2 + 1  1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
 2.Dr. Ashim Kumar Maiti
 3.Dr. Amitava Banerjee
*ENT 609 Insect Pests of Economically Important Horticultural Crops 2 + 1 1.Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
2.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo
3.Dr. Arunava Samanta
4.Dr. Ashim Kumar Maity
ENT 649 Seminar-I  1+0 1.Prof. Shantanu Jha
2.Dr. Kusal Roy
4th  Semester
ENT 651 Insect Pathology 1 + 1 1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2.Dr.  Krishna Kaemakar
ENT 652 Insect Plant Disease Relationship 1+0 1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2.Prof. Bijan Kumar Das
ENT 653 Pests of Public Health and Veterinary 1+1 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay 
2.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
ENT 557 Storage Entomology 1 + 1 1.Dr. Aunava Samanta
2.Dr. Amitava Banerjee
3.Dr. Asim Kumar Maiti
ENT 654 Plant Quarantine 1+0 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2.Prof. Amitava Banerjee
ENT 699 Seminar-II 0+1 1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
2.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Sahoo
ENT 700 Master’s Research 0+20  

Ph.D. Course in Agricultural Entomology

Ph.D., 1st   Semester

Course No. Title of Course Credits Course Instructors
Ph.D. 1st  Semester  
ENT 701 Advanced Insect Ecology 2 + 0 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
ENT 702 Insect Behaviour 1 + 1 1.Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2.Prof. Bijan Kumar Das
ENT 703 Advanced Insecticide Toxicology 2 + 1 1.Dr. Arunava Samanta
2.Dr. Sunil Kumar Ghosh
ENT 704 Acarine Taxonomy 2 + 1 1.Prof. Krishna Karmakar
2.Dr. Pranab Debnath
ENT 705 Advanced Nematode Management 2 + 1 1.Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2.Dr. Kusal Roy
Ph.D., 2nd Semester
ENT 751 Advance Insect systematic 2 + 1 1)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2)Prof. Bijan Kumar Das
3)Dr. Pranab Debnath
ENT 752 Advance Insect Physiology 2 + 0 1)Prof. Shantanu Jha
2)Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
3)Dr. Shanowly Mondal (Ghosh)
ENT 753 Advance biological control 1 + 1 1)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
2)Prof. Krishna Karmakar
ENT 754 Advance Nematological Techniques 0 + 2 1)Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay 
2)Dr. Kusal Roy
3)Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala
ENT 755 Advance Nematode Ecology 1 + 1 1)Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay
2)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
ENT 799 Seminar-I 1 + 0 1)Prof. Shantanu Jha
2)Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
3)Prof. Ajoy Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Ph.D., 3rd Semester

ENT 801 Advanced Integrated Pest Management 1 + 0 1)Prof. Shantanu Jha
2)Dr. Amitava Banerjee
ENT 802 Advanced Nematode Taxonomy 1 + 1 1)Dr. Kusal Roy
2) Dr. Suvash Chandra Bala
ENT 849 Seminar-II 1 + 0 1)Prof. Krishna Karmakar
2)Prof. Aniruddha Pramanik
 Ph.D., 4th  Semester
ENT 999 Seminar-III 1 + 0 1) Prof. Sudarshan Chakraborty
2)Prof. Shantanu Jha

Faculty Strength of the Department

Sl.No. Type of Faculty Sanctioned Faculty Faculty in place Vacant position 

Faculty recommended by

the ICAR
1  Professor  1 0  1 0
2  Associate Professor  5 4+1*  1 1
3  Assistant Professor  6  6+10*  0 2

 * Faculties are attached with AICRPs, AINP, RRS/RRSS


Infrastructure / Facilities


Number of Classroom : 3

Two PG Class rooms, each with dimension of 92 m2with 35 sitting capacity + One Seminar Room of 50 sitting capacity+ 1 Meeting cum Library Room 85 m2

Number of Functional Laboratories : 6

Sl. No Name of Laboratory/ Facility Area (m2) No. of Supporting Staff Attached
1 PG Laboratories – 1 92 1
2 PG Laboratories – 2 92
3 Biological Control Lab 92
4 Plant Health Diagnostic Lab 92
5 Commercial Apiculture Unit 45
6 Insect museum and Insect Rearing Room 92


List of major equipment, laboratories, farm facilities, workshops and other instructional units


Sl.No. Name of Laboratory/ Facility List of major equipments and facilities
1  PG Laboratory I and II  Weighing Machine, LED TV (48”), Stereoscopic Microscope Model – MS-24 (25 Nos.).
2  Biological control lab  Plant Growth Chamber (3 Nos.), Rearing Materials
3  Plant Health Diagnostic Lab  Stereoscopic Microscope Model – MS-224 (2 Nos.), Trinocular Microscope
4  Commercial Apiculture Unit with Lab  Fridge, Weighing Machine, Water Bath, Systronic/up based with electrode & temp. probe., Systronic/up based conductivity and temp. probe., Systronic Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Remi-Vortex mixer, Chemiline-C1-510 Automatic Tritrator, Digital hand-held honey (Model Pal-22S), Honeybee Artificial Insemination instrument, Honey Processing Plant with attached Moisture Reducer, Comfoundation Mill (A. Mellifera).
5  Insect museum and Insect Rearing Room  Trinocular Microscope (Primo Star) with Digital Camera Adapter (Carl Zeiss) (1 No.), Insect Rearing Materials