Extension Education Units (EEUs)


Being endowed with three-tier functionaries of the Directorate of Extension itself viz. Senior Extension Organizers, Extension Organizers and Extension Assistants as well as the extension units of Regional Research Stations and Sub-Stations, this field extension component operates through 14 nos. of well dispersed units within the operational jurisdiction of the Viswavidyalaya. For effective synergy, however, all the EEUs mandatorily operate in close coordination with the KVK system.
While complementing and supplementing the deliverables of each other, the KVKs and the EEUs act as a common platform specially for organizing Front Line Demonstrations vis-à-vis technology scaling up activities and execution of the centrally sponsored ISOPOM Scheme. These two systems also jointly coordinate off campus training programmes, field days and farmers’ days at the countryside and so also for organizing KissanMelas.