Mega seed project and Quality seed project


Agriculture seed production under Mega Seed Project (MSP)

One notable addition to the farm activities is that the Directorate of Seed Research (DSR), Mau, ICAR has entrusted this Viswavidyalaya to conduct a Mega Seed Project on ‘Seed Production of Agricultural Crops’ in 2006-07. This Mega Seed Project (ICAR) is running in six farms like Teraching Farms, Mondouri, Balindi Research Complex (BRC), three District Seed Farms of Kalyani - DSF (AB), DSF (C ), DSF (D) and Chakdaha farm. These farms are well equipped with rice seed processing units in each farm having large threshing floor, coved shed for production of different classes like breeder, foundation, certified and truthfully labeled seeds of different rice varieties like IET 4786, IET 4094, MTU 7029, GB 1, Lalat, Swarna Sub-1, IR 64, Sabita, Pratiskhya and Gitanjali. With the help of Mega Seed Project, the university has been able to reach out the far and wide of the state through distribution of seed materials.

Paddy seed production under MSP

Paddy seed production is undertaken in six farms like Teaching Farm, Balindi Farm (BRC), DSF(AB), DSF(C), DSF(D) and Chakdaha covering an area of 160 acres (64 hectares) out of which kharif season area is 147 acres and in boro it is 13 acres (Table 4). Among the farms, Teaching Farms under took about 50 acres area followed by BRC 33 acres and the least area was in DSF(C). Total seed production in those farms was 152.7 t during 2013-14 out of which kharif seed production was 136.6 t and boro seed production was only 16.2 t only.

Seed replacement

State of West Bengal needs about 6000 and 150 tonnes of quality seeds of paddy during boro and kharif seasons respectively. After implementation of ICAR Mega Seed Project during 2006-07, our Viswavidyalaya have been capable enough to provide quality seeds of 250 tonnes annually to the farmers of surrounding areas along with the establishment of seed chain relationship with WBSSC Ltd, Seed co-operatives, NGOs and direct farmers. At the same time, seed production of newly evolved varieties with high yield potential is being included in this centre, which may result in supporting sustainable seed production with higher seed replacement of 2.3% annually by the university.

Employment generation in MSP

University farms have to employ seasonal labour workers for agricultural activities. Directorate of farms created job opportunities for more than half lakh men during the last two years

Profit in Mega Seed Project

The closing balance (2014-15) of Mega Seed Project (ICAR) has been reached to ₹ 65.0 lakhs and increase in closing balance is 63.15% over last year balance. This was possible due to increased production, huge demands by farmers. BCKV-MSP received an indent of “Seed Mini Kit” supply of 115 MT in 30 kg bag from Govt. of West Bengal good amount of farm –gate sale was possible in six (6) seed producer farm.

Seed production

In the year (2014-15), this Directorate produced more quality paddy seed which has been supplied to WBSSC in addition to huge gate sale than last year. Popular hybrid maize (HQPM-1) seed production and breeder to foundation and foundation to certified seed production of Kufri Jyoti and Kufri Pokhraj was successfully complemented during this period. The parental lines (HKI-193 and HKI-163) is being maintained in University Farm.

Modernization of farm machinery

Utilization of combine harvester and potato Planter reduced cost of cultivation and improved quality of seed for paddy and potato crops respectively

Fish farming

Fish component has already been started in the University.

Creation of man-days

The present activities of the Director of Farms and Mega Seed Project created huge nos. of Man days with an approximation of _____ mandays/ annum

Quality seed production

After fulfilling the requirement of land for teaching and research, the Viswavidyalaya farms have now emerged in the state as one of the largest seed producers by way of undertaking production of quality seeds of rice, oilseeds and pulses and generation of quality planting materials of horticultural crops. The ICAR-funded Mega Seed Project followed by initiation of the scheme on modernization of Agricultural University Farm, however, has gradually brought about a significant improvement in the performance of the University in terms of more effectively reaching  to the farmer’s with its quality seeds and planting materials and in the process playing more meaningful role in improving and sustaining the productive performance of the state through catalyzing the process of seed replacement rate in particular. Directorate of Farms of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya has 18 farms with a gross area of 1640 acres which are located at different agro-climate zones viz. Haringhata, Kalyani, Gayespur, Chakdaha under New Alluvial Zone; Canning and Kakdwip at Coastal Saline Zone; Jhargram, Raghunathpur and Sekhampur under Red and Laterite Zone. All these farms provide supports to facilitate research of University, carrying out seed production of rice, oilseeds and pulses; and generation of quality planting materials of horticultural crops. Mega Seed Project (ICAR) under the directorate is running since 2006 and producing different classes like breeder, foundation, certified and truthfully labeled seeds of different rice varieties like IET 4786, IET 4094, MTU 7029, GB 1, Lalat, Swarna, IR 64, Sabita, Pratikshya and Gitanjali.

As the synergetic effect of the Mega Seed Project and the scheme on modernization of agricultural university farms, the University has been able to reach out the far and wide of the state through its seed materials. In 2012-13, the University produced 7.6 tonnes of breeder seeds to reach out to 14 district level government authorities, 2 government undertaking organizations, 8 KVKs, 11 farmers’ co-operative societies and 27 private seed companies located in various districts of the state. Similarly, 27.2 tonnes foundation seeds were provided to the West Bengal State Seeds Corporation Limited and a score of private seed agencies operating in the southern districts of the state. These apart, 111.2 tonnes of certified and 99.6 tonnes T.L. seeds of cereals, pulses and oilseed crops were provided to more than 12740 farmers of mainly southern districts of the state through the farm outlets located therein as well as through ATIC, the single window service delivery hub of the University.