Rules & Regulation


Rules relating to reside in the student hostels of BCKV and regulations for boarders

General Regulations

All the boarders shall abide by the following hostel regulations. Non-compliance with any regulation may lead to punishment  such as expulsion from the hostel and even from the Viswavidyalaya.

  • Every boarder must acquaint himself/herself with all the regulations of the hostel and observe them strictly. Ignorance of the rules will not be considered as an excuse.
  • Boarder shall always be responsible to come across any notification issued by the hostel administration through notice board or through any other official means or university website (
  • Boarders shall maintain perfect discipline and proper atmosphere of study in the hostel.
  • Boarders shall be responsible to the provost for the furniture's fittings etc. provided in their rooms.
  • Borders shall keep the rooms neat and clean and will help in maintaining proper cleanliness in and around the hostel.
  • Boarders shall bring all problems related to their hostel accommodations to the notice of the provost and prefects of the hall.
  • All cases of sickness shall be brought to the notice of the Provost/Asstt. Provost / Matron and then to the M.O. of the Viswavidyalaya.
  • No meeting or gathering of students leading to any law and order problem of subversive nature shall be held or permitted in the hostel. However, in case of Ladies Hostels, no meeting/gathering of students belonging to other hostels will be permitted without prior written approval of the D.S.W.
  • No boarder shall keep fire arms, lethal weapons and poison in the hostel.
  • No alcoholic drink or any other intoxicants or combustible materials shall be taken or permitted in the hostel.
  • Ragging in any form in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Detection of any act of ragging, depending upon its seriousness, shall be liable to heavy punishment including expulsion from the Hostel/University with the approval of the B. C. K. V. Council.
  • All kinds of shouting, violence, knocking or any other acts, movement or behavior causing disturbance or annoyance or nuisance to other students are strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.
  • Complaints on maltreatment or abusing of the hostel workers/staff, shall ordinarily be dealt with by the provost.If finds guilty,boarder will be liable to penal measures.
  • The boarders shall make proper use of common room, the news papers and allied literature and articles of indoor games. Hours of opening and closing of common room will be fixed by the provost from time to time and is liable to be changed.
  • Boarders shall visit the dining hall, common room and canteen in proper and decent dresses.
  • Boarders shall not take any of the indoor games materials or reading materials from the common room.
  • Cutting, defacement, destruction and removal of any portion of news papers, magazines etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Boarders shall not take meals outside the dining hall unless he/she has been permitted by the provost on bonafide grounds.
  • All boarders of a hostel must be the member of the mess of the concerned hostel and must not be permitted to have any separate cooking arrangement in his/her room.
  • Boarders requiring any repair/maintenance work in their rooms, urinals and latrines shall write these matters in the register to be maintained by the Provost /Asstt. Provost/Steward.
  • Character Certificate shall not be issued in favour of any student until and unless it is recommended by the Provost and the Dean, Students' Welfare.
  • Boarders shall not be allowed to permit boarding of their guests in the hostel/hall. However, under special circumstances, a guest may be permitted to stay in the hostel for not more than three days with prior approval of the concerned Provost. However, in ladies hostel, only female guests whose names have been declared by the guardian at the time of admission may be permitted  by the provost to stay not exceeding three days.
  • Video show can be allowed in the hostel campus for academic and cultural purposes with prior permission of  the D.S.W. on recommendation of the students union.

Withdrawal and removal from the Hostel

  • Application for withdrawal boardership from the hostel shall be submitted only after the hostel dues have been cleared. Such application shall be countersigned by the father / guardian, if required, by the authority and be submitted to the D.S.W. with the recommendations of the concerned provost.
  • Boarders shall have to pay all the hostel dues and fines standing against his / her name up to the day he/she continues to be on the roll of the hostel as well as mess.
  • A boarder shall be expelled from the hostel, if he/she is in the habit of staying away from hostel without permission or is negligent in his/her studies or is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline.
  • Boarders shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel, if his/her hostel mess dues are in arrears for more than a month and the guardian of the defaulter boarder will be intimated thereof.
  • In case of defaulter boarder, the matter must be reported by the concerned provost through D.S.W. and the Dean of the Faculty concerned to the Registrar and requesting him to withhold the results till the balance of the outstanding dues are paid by the students.
    In case of UG and PG final year students, Dean of the Faculty concerned will recover outstanding dues of hostel from the security deposits of the concerned boarder.
    The Dean of the Faculty will then hand over such recovered amount to the concerned provost.
    When a student leaves the hostel before the final examination in UG and PG programme without clearing the hostel dues, he/she should not be allowed to appear in the unfinished examination until he/she gets a clearance certificate from the concerned provost.
    The provost shall submit defaulters' list prior to the examination and publication of results to the Dean of the Faculty concerned and Registrar.
  • No boarder shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge of the room/seat to the concerned provost. Loss, if any, during his/her absence, in case he/she does not hand over charge, will be made good from him/her. In case a boarder leaves the room locked for 30 days without permission from the provost, the latter shall have the authority to unlock the room for re-allotment. For an outgoing student, after completion of the final examination, he/she shall have to vacate the room, failing which the provost shall have the authority to open the room by any means for re-allotment.

Maintenance of furniture, lights etc. in boarders' room

  • Suitable furniture will be provided for each student.
  • Furniture will not be removed from one room to the other. In case of any damage willfully or carelessly done to any furniture, electric and other fixtures, utensils, glass panels or any property belonging to the hostels, it shall have to be made by the boarder / boarders caused  the damage and fines shall be imposed on the boarder/boarders on the basis of the report from the provost. D.S.W. will realize the said amount.
  • Extension of the existing electric wiring by any boarder is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of electrical radios, heaters, irons or other electrical appliances by the boarders is strictly prohibited.

Leave rules

  • Leave sanctioned for absence from the faculty does not mean leave from the hostel. Leave from the Hostel shall have prior approval of the concerned provost which will be recorded by the steward/matron of the same hostel.
  • During summer recess and puja vacation, both hostel and mess will remain closed. Only under compelling circumstances hostel may remain open with the approval of D.S.W. and Registrar.

Provisions for guests and visitors

  • Guests shall not normally be permitted to stay in the hostel. In exceptional cases, however, if father, guardians or brother of a male boarder comes from far off places in an odd hour, they may be allowed to stay in the guest room with the permission of the concerned provost not more than 3 days. The names of such guests shall be entered in the Guest Register. The boarder concerned will have to make all payments of the guest charges. However, in case of ladies hostel, only female guests whose names were recorded as per advice of guardian at the time of hostel admission may be permitted as above by the provost not exceeding three days.
  • A boarder keeping guest without the prior permission of the provost shall be liable for punishment. Visitors whose names have been approved by the provost shall be received in the visitor's room.

Disciplinary rules

  • Boarders must stay in the respective rooms and shall not act in any way so as to create disturbances for others.
  • Except otherwise stated here-in-under, boarder shall in no case remain outside the hostel after 8 p.m. However, boarders of ladies hostel must not remain outside the hostel after 5- 30 p.m. (for November to February) and 6.00 p.m. (March to October). Before leaving the hostel, other than their academic activities, the girl students shall have to take permission in writing from the provost and keep the records of their absence from the hostel in the movement register maintained in the office of the provost.
  • Staying in the hostel without sufficient reason, when the classes are going on, shall be considered to be an act against hostel discipline.
  • Any insubordination or incivility on the part of the hostel worker / staff shall at once be reported to the Mess Secretary for its onward transmission to the provost. A boarder shall under no circumstances take any step against any employee.
  • Boarders shall along with their belongings leave the respective hostels within 7 days after completion of respective courses. Responsibility of any of their belongings, if left behind, shall lie with them. Boarders shall have to hand over the possession of their rooms to the provost.
  • Cases of violation of regulations including disciplinary rules by a boarder will be reported to the guardian of the concerned boarder as well as to the D.S.W. for necessary action.
  • A boarder, if found guilty of having committed breach of rules, shall be liable to be punished by the provost / D.S.W. as under:
    a) The provost may impose a warning or fine upto Rs. 100/- on a defaulting boarder.
    b) The D.S.W. in consultation with the registrar may expel a student from the hostel or impose a suitable fine for violation of hostel rules as per the recommendation of the concerned provost.
    c) Provost will not be responsible for any action / activities consequent to involvement of a boarder, outside the concerned hostel.

Mess Rules

  • Every boarder must pay mess deposit and hostel caution money as may be fixed by the authority time to time which is adjustable or refundable by the Viswavidyalaya on recommendation of the provost of the respective hostel when the boarder leaves the hostel after completion of the courses or  good.
  • The mess manager is expected to prepare a weekly menu in advance in consultation with the mess committee which needs approval of the provost.
  • All the boarders shall take their meals only in the dining hall during the scheduled hours as notified from time to time. Meals shall not be served to boarders staying outside the dining hall, except with the permission of the provost for only sick boarders.
  • Special diet shall not be served to any boarder except when he/she is sick on the recommendation of the Medical Officer of the Viswavidyalaya.
  • Meals shall not be available after the fixed timing unless prior permission is obtained from the mess manager.
  • Guests of boarder may be allowed to take meals in the mess by payment of a charge in advance to be determined time to time by the mess committee.
  • Once admitted in a hostel, a boarder shall have to be a member of the mess. A boarder shall not be permitted to take meals in any hostel other than the one fixed for his/her residence.
  • A boarder shall not be permitted to be the guest of another boarder of the same or other hostels in any case.
  • Boarders on no account remove any utensil of the hostel out of the dining hall.
  • The students shall check up at the beginning of each month their mess accounts for the previous month in the hostel office and shall bring to the notice of the provost discrepancies, if any, within 2 days from the date of publication of mess accounts. Discrepancy, if any, shall be rectified in the next months accounts.
  • Boarders, except the mess committee members, mess secretary and mess manager, shall not usually enter the kitchen.


  • The mess committee shall meet once in a month or more frequently, if needed.
  • The mess secretary shall convene the meeting of the mess committee giving advance notice of at least three days as and when necessary.
  • The provost will preside over the mess committee meeting.

Hygiene and cleanliness

  • Students are expected to show a sense of responsibility in the maintenance of hedges, lawns and floral garden in the hostel premises. They will refrain from any act that goes against the general cleanliness and hygiene and beauty of the hostel premises.
  • Cleanliness of corridors, common room, sick room, students’ room, kitchen, drains, latrines etc. shall rest with the sweeper posted in the hostel by the Viswavidyalaya.
  • Cleaning of all utensils, dining table, benches etc. shall rest with the hostel workers / staff.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of lawns, garden etc. shall rest with the 'Mali' of the concerned hostel.