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Department of Agronomy is one of the largest and oldest departments under the Faculty of Agriculture of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya. All the three, B. Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes are taken up by this department. It caters the need of all faculties of the Viswavidyalaya. Sincere and dedicated efforts are continuously being made by all concerns of the department to produce the efficient, enthusiastic and competent students in the field of agronomy. In addition to teaching, the qualified teachers of the department are effectively contributing to the betterment of the farming community by engaging in various fundamental, applied and operational research programmes and some of these research programmes are innovative in nature to fulfill the need of the state and the country in relation with agriculture development. Teachers of this department got many awards and selected as fellows of different national and international societies. They are also entrusted in various national and international assignments. The department has taken up a few collaborative research programmes with international organizations (viz., ICARDA, Australian Research centre).

Teachers of this department take part actively in numerous extension programmes for dissemination of knowledge and technologies to the ultimate stake holders by conducting many research programmes as on-farm trials in different agro-climatic zones of West Bengal. Students of this department are well placed in reputed national and international organizations.

Courses Offered


U.G. Programme

  Course No.  Course Title Credit(s)
1st Year
1st Semester  AGR 102  Fundamentals of Agronomy -1 1+1 
AGRO-111  Agriculture for Engineers (Agril. Engineering Faculty)  1+1 
AG 101  Agricultural Heritage  2+1
SWAG 108 Introduction to Forestry 1+0
HORT (A) 102 Water management in horticultural crops (Horticulture Faculty) 2+1
2nd Semester AGR 151 Fundamentals of Agronomy -1I 1+1
AGR 152 Crop Production Technology – I


2nd Year
3rd Semester  AGR 201 Crop Production Technology – II 1+1 
AGR 251 Crop Production Technology -III 1+1
4th Semester EC 260 Hill,dry land and coastal 2+1
3rd Year
5th Semester  AGR 301 Crop Production Technology – 1V  ( Kharif crops) 1+1
AGR 302 Rainfed Agriculture & watershed 1+1
AGR(H) 307 Introduction to major field Crops  2+1
SWAG (H) 310 Introductory Agroforestry 2+1
EC 312 Watershed and wetland management 2+1
EC 313 Weed management 2+1
 6th Semester AGR 351  Principles of Organic farming 1+1 
AGR 352  Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture 1+1 
AGMP 355  Geo -informatics for precision farming 1+1 
 4th Year
 7th Semester RAWE    
 8th Semester ELP456 Organic production  

M. Sc. (Ag.) Programme

Course No. Course Title Credit(s)
1st Semester 
AGRON 501*  Modern Concepts in Crop Production  3+0 
AGRON 502* Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management 2+1 
AGRON 503* Principles and Practices of Weed Management  2+1 
AGRON 504*  Principles and Practices of Water Management  2+1
2nd Semester
AGRON 505  Conservation agriculture 1+1
AGRON 506 Agronomy of Kharif Cereals and Pulse Crops 2+1
AGRON 507  Agronomy of Fibre and Kharif Oilseed Crops 2+1 
AGRON 508 Agronomy of Medicinal, Aromatic and Narcotic Crops, Tuber & underutilized crop 2+1
AGRON 509 Agronomy of Fodder and Forage Crops 2+1 
AGRON 510  Agrostology and Agroforestry 2+1 
3rd Semester
AGRON 511 Cropping System  and Sustainable Agriculture 2+1 
AGRON 512 Dryland Agriculture and Watershed management 2+1 
AGRON 513 Principles and Practices of Organic farming 2+1 
AGRON 514  Agronomy of Rabi Cereals and Pulse Crops 2+1 
AGRON 515  Agronomy of Sugar and Rabi Oilseed Crops 2+1 
CC505 Agricultural research, research ethics and rural development programme 1+0
4th Semester
AGRON 591 Master’s Seminar 1+0
AGRON 500 Master’s Research 30

*Indicates core courses for M.Sc. (Ag.) Programme

PH.D Level Courses offered

Course No. Course Title Credit(s)
1st Semester 
AGRON 601* Current trends in Agronomy 3+0 
AGRON 602 Recent trends in Crop Growth and Productivity 2+1
AGRON 603 Irrigation Management 2+1 
2nd Semester 
AGRON 604 Recent trends in Weed management 2+0 
AGRON 605 Integrated farming system for Sustainable agriculture 2+0 
AGRON 606 Soil Conservation and watershed management 2+1 
AGRON 691 Seminar I (Doctoral Plan of work) 1+0 
3rd Semester 
AGRON 607 Stress Crop Production 2+1 
AGRON 608* Research & Publication ethics 2+1 
4th semester 
5th Semester 
6th Semester 
AGRON 691 Doctoral Seminar  1+0 
AGRON692 Doctoral Seminar 75

*Indicates Core course for Ph.D.



Infrastructure / Facilities


Developed model farm of organic farming based integrated farming system under RKVY support at Mondouri, Kalyani for imparting practical teaching on organic farming for UG, PG, Doctoral students and also for IGNOU students under “Certificate course on organic farming”.

Development of University-Farmers’ linkage under RKVY Project on ‘Bengal Aromatic Rice’ through a ‘model value-chain system for Gobindabhog rice’ in Nadia district including the sale of packets from the Directorate of Extension Education.


(a)Under Graduate level – two Laboratories

(b) Post Graduate level – Five (chemical Lab. developed under RKVY, aromatic rice Lab.developed under RKVY, weed lab., organic farming Lab. developed under RIDF., Growth analysis lab.)


2..Equipments Available With the Department

Sl.No Name of equipment Year of Purchase Status
1 Paddy dehusker 2010 working
2 Rice Miller 2010 working
3 Rice Grader 2010 working
4 Nitrogen estimation system 2013 working
5 Precision balance (6 in No.) 2010,2011,2012,2014,2015,2020 working
6 Spectrophotometer 2010 working
7 Flame photometer 2010 working
8 Colorimeter 2011 working
9 Kjeldhal Apparatus 2011 working
10 Water distillation set (5in No.) 2008,2010,2011,2014,2016 working
  c) FieldLaboratory : One 60 acar instructional farm for teaching of under graduate and post graduate level along with another six farms assigned for conducting trials of PG , doctoral research and various   research projects. In instructional farm facilities having different land situations suitable for diversified crops and cropping system , solar power operated irrigation and grain drying ,meteorological observatory

(d) Students working with No of batches – Under both UG , P.G. and Doctoral level each batch accommodate 15 number of students .

Class Room:

      (a) PG and Doctoral level – Four

      (b) Students’ sitting capacity – 40 No.s each

Seminar room :

one seminar room having 120 number of sitting capacity facilitated with power point presentation

Practical Manuals(Course wise) :


(a) Practical manual on crop production technology[2019](AGR 152:crop production technology I (B.Sc. (Ag.) 2nd semester), AGR 201 : crop production technology II (B.Sc. (Ag.), 3ndsemester), AGR 251 : crop production technologyI II (B.Sc. (Ag.) ,4th semester), AGR 301 : crop production technology IV (B.Sc. (Ag.) ,5th semester).

(b)) Practical Manual (2018) of Course HORT 102: WaterManagement of Horticultural Crops

(c) Practical Manual (2020) of Course AGR 151: WaterManagement of Field Crops (BSc.(Ag.) 2nd Semester.

(d) Practical manual (2020) of course AGR 351: Organic farming and AGR 352: Farming System (B.Sc (Ag.),6th. Semester).

(e) Modern weed science manual for UG and PG courses

(f) Manual on cropping system for PG course

(g) Forage production Technology manual for PG course