Current Research


Development of rice genotypes tolerance against drought, P-deficiency, light and temperature stress, Yellow mosaic tolerant Okra, bacterial blight tolerant Brinjal, heat tolerant Tomato with higher carotenoids and Lycopene etc. (BARC funded)

  • Adaptation strategies for climate change (NICRA-ICAR funded)
  • Downscaling Climate change scenario and future strategy build-up (Norway Research Council funded)
  • Combat Arsenic problem in food chain in continuation of the effort initiated under Niche Area of Excellence in Arsenic Research (ICAR funded
  • Genetic analysis for Low ODAP containing Lathyrus in collaboration with EU.
  • Terminal heat tolerance, high-yielding lentil and chickpea suitable for the utilization of vast area of rice fallow (ICARDA funded)
  • Intensification of cropping system in problematic soils of Sundarban (India & Bangladesh) in collaboration with CSIRO. (ACIAR funded)
  • Estimation of evapotranspiration from satellite data (ISRO funded)