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Agricultural Economics
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The department of Agricultural Economics is functioning since the creation of the Faculty of Agriculture under the University of Kalyani. Now, the department is not only catering the needs of the students of this faculty but also providing support to other two Faculties of this Viswavidyalaya. It has produced a good number of quality students. The ex- students of this department are established in reputed concerns through out the world. The department is also engaged in quality research work mainly in the field of agricultural marketing, co-operative sectors, agribusiness management, farm management, Agricultural finance, natural resource management, etc.


Vision & Mission


Quality teaching, Linkage withfinancial & Developmental Organization, Establishment od Data Bank for Agriculture and Allied Aspects.

Courses Offered


Degree courses offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics

Semester Title Credits Faculty
II AEC 160: Fundamental Economics 2+0 Horticulture
II AEC 151: Introductory Economics 2+0 Horticulture
II AEC 121: Entreprenuership Development & Busibess Management 2+1 Ag. Engg
III AEC 206 Agricultural Finance & Cooperation 2+1 Agriculture
IV AEC 257:Agricultural Marketing ,Trade & Prices 2+1 Agriculture
IV AEC264 :Agribusiness Management (Elective) 2+1 Agriculture
V AEC 307: Farm Management, Production & Resource Economics 1+1 Agriculture
 VI AEC 358: Horti- Business Management   2+1 Horticulture 
VI AEC 367: Agricultural Development Policy Analysis (Elective) 2+1 Agriculture

M.Sc.(Ag.) Programme

Course No. Title of the course Credits
1st Semester
AG ECON 501 Micro Economics Theory and Applications 2+0
AG ECON 502 Macro Economics and Policy 2+0
AG ECON 503 Evolution of Economic Thought 2+0
AG ECON 504 Agricultural Production Economics 2+1
AG ECON 505 Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis 2+1
AG ECON 506 Institutional Economics 1+0
AG ECON 507 Intellectual Property Management 1+0
2nd Semester
AG ECON 551 Research methodology for Social Sciences 2+1
AG ECON 552 Econometrics 2+1
AG ECON 553 Linear Programming 2+1
AG ECON 554 Agricultural Finance and Project Management 2+1
AG ECON 555 Agricultural Development Policy Analysis 2+0
AG ECON 556 Human Resource Development and Management 1+1
3rd Semester
AG ECON 601 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 1+1
AG ECON 602 International Economics 1+1
AG ECON 603 Rural marketing 2+0
AG ECON 604 Commodity Futures Trading 2+0
AGECON 649 Seminar I 1+0
4th Semester
AGECON 651 Agribusiness Management 2+1
AGECON 699 Seminar II 1+0
AGECON 700 Master’s Research 0+20

Ph.D Programme

Course No. Title of the course Credits
1st Semester
AG ECON 701 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis 1+1
AG ECON 702 Commodity Future Trading 2+0
AG ECON 703 Natural Resource Management 1+1
AG ECON 704 Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis 2+0
2nd Semester
AG ECON 751 Advanced Production Economics 1+1
AG ECON 752 Advanced Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis 1+1
AG ECON 799 Seminar I 1+0
3rd Semester
AG ECON 801 Quantitative  Development Policy Analysis 1+1
AG ECON 802 Advanced Econometrics  
AG ECON 849 Seminar II 1+0
4th Semester
5th Semester
6th Semester
AGECON 999 Seminar III 1+0
AGECON 1000 Doctoral Research 0+45

Infrastructure / Facilities


Departmental Library, Computer laboratory for the Students with internet facilities, WiFi connectivity, Seminar Room with LCD arrangements, Electronic Display in Meeting Room.