Different Sections


Circulation Section

The main public service point is the circulation desk or borrowing desk,  located near the main entrance of the library. It provides lending services and facilities for return of loaned items. A circulation or lending section is one of the key sections of the Central Library, BCKV. The section is fully computerized and the charging and discharging of books are automated with bar-code scanner since 2005. Circulation counter remains open from 11am to 5 pm on each working day.

Services Offered:

  • Book issue and Return
  • Book Bank Service
  • New Membership
  • Library Clearance

Reference and Reading Section

The reference desk or information desk of a library is a public service counter where professional librarians provide library users with direction to library materials, advice on library collections and services, and expertise on multiple kinds of information from multiple sources. In BCKV Central Library, the Reference & Reading Room section is located just on the left side of the circulation counter. It is the place of both conventional reference documents as well as one copy of all the important textbook titles. There is a large reading hall where all types of reference books are preserved for consultation. Library users are referred to information sources including individuals, documents and institutions. Referral Services are also catered as and when required.

Services offered:

  • Users Guidance
  • Overnight Issue
  • Photocopy
  • Reading
  • Referral
  • Readers advisory

Resources available:

  • Text Books
  • Competitive Exam Books
  • General Reference Books
  • Annual Reviews
  • Advances
  • Methods
  • Subject Reference Books
  • Maps
  • Cartographies
  • Standards
  • Atlas

Acquisition and Processing Section

Library acquisition is the section of a library responsible for the selection and purchase of reading materials or resources. The section may select vendors, negotiate pricing, arrange for standing orders, and select individual titles or resources. Technical Processing Section plays a key role to function the library. It makes a bridge between the acquisitions of documents to the circulation as well as consultation. Classification is mainly done following DDC 19th ed. Even DDC 22nd ed. is also used in some cases. Library catalogue is done with the aid of ALA Code and AACR Code.

Job description:

  • Text Books
  • Book Classification : DDC 19th & 22nd ed.
  • Book Cataloging Rules : AACR II R
  • Subject Heading : AGROVOC | LOCSH
  • Barcode preparation
  • Entry in Library Management Software
  • Ordering, Bill and Challan processing
  • Vender Management

Book Binding Section

Library binding refers to the hardcover binding of books intended for the rigors of library use. The Central Library, BCKV has its own well equipped bindery for repair of damaged reading materials. Only one technical person has to undertake the herculean workload of binding, lamination and even conservational works too. In the year of 2015-16, more than 200+ binding jobs had been done.

Job description:

  • All types of Binding
  • Spiral Binding
  • Preservation
  • Conservation
  • Lamination etc.

Bound Journal Section

The library's journals and magazines ("periodicals") are separated into current issues and bound volumes and shelved in different places on the 1st floor and ground floor of Central Library,BCKV. 25000+ bound volumes with 996 titles are shelved alphabetically in the ground floor as to find the title users are looking for. All the bound volume journals and its names are displayed in the front of the rack alphabetically. Bound volume does not circulate. Photocopy is allowed for teachers and scholars.

Researchers irrespective of their affiliations may walk-in to access, browse, and photocopy any article from such a valuable knowledge resource for their scholarly work. The researchers / scholars, who walk-in to the different Institutions libraries for their scholarly work are also permitted to use these resources placed in the library free of charge/fee. In the year of 2015-16, more than 100+ scholars had been visited this section for their scholarly need.

CAB CD Access Lab

The Central Library, BCKV is a member of Consortium for eResources in Agriculture (CeRA), a national consortium of universities and research centres in India in Agriculture and related sciences. This digital resource contains more than 2000+ full text ejournals published by Springer, Annual Reviews, CSIRO and open J-Gate journals. Abstracts on CD are available on 15 nodes in CD Lab. 

Wi Fi and Internet Surfing Section

The Reading , reference and stack area of the Central Library,BCKV are totally under Wi-Fi Zone. Three separate high access points are installed for that purpose. There is a separate internet browsing section in first floor, where 25 terminals are connected with BSNL Internet connectivity. Internet surfing for academic purpose is free of cost to the Faculty members, U.G. & P.G. students and Research Scholars.

Thesis and Dissertation Section

A thesis or dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. In  Central Library BCKV, 1400+ Thesis and 2500+ dissertations are available in hardcopy format and 200+ theses are also available in electronic format. Only scholars and teachers can able to photocopy also. Subjectwise thesis details are available in the searching arena of SOUL OPAC.

Current Periodical Section

The Periodicals Section is the place where needed information could be found in journals, magazines, newsletters, and other serial literature. The most current resources in the Library are found in the Periodicals (Serials) section. These include:

  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Journals

The Central Library subscribes around 30 journals. Good numbers of journals are received on gratis. Current journals are displayed in the second floor of the library.

Report Section

A report and scientific report is a document that describes the process, progress, and or results of technical or scientific research or the state of a technical or scientific research problem. It might also include recommendations and conclusion of the research. Technical reports are designed to quickly alert researchers to recent findings in scientific and technical research. The Report section of the Central Library BCKV holds over four thousand current and annual / technical reports like AICRPs, AICNPs, Adhoc projects, Annual Reports, etc. in the ground floor.

Book Stack Unit

A stack or book stack (often referred to as a library building's stacks) is a book storage area, more specifically, this term refers to multilevel system of iron or steel shelving that meet increasing demands for storage space. An "open-stack" library allows its patrons to enter the stacks to browse for themselves; "closed stacks" means library staffs retrieve books for patrons on request. In Central Library BCKV ,more than 30 long slotted angle stacks are carrying more than 76000+ agriculture and allied discipline books in the ground floor.

Loose Journal Section

This section is available in the ground floor and all the current loose issues of the periodicals are kept before sending to the binding section or wait till all the issues of a particular journal may available in the section. The section is much reached and a senior professional is working for the fulfillment of the demand of the research scholar. Computer with searching system is available for the users.

Old and Rare Books Sections

Collections of rare books are non-circulating materials, strong in old smell and history, classical authors, and other allied past. In Central Library BCKV , more than 800+ agriculture and general books are identified which are beyond the time limit of copyright act of India.

Career Corner

This section is a unique blend of magazines and newspaper that help students to find the latest employment trends, information on key industries and career paths in general as well as agriculture, tips from experts and recently hired grads, co-op and internship information, advice on graduate studies and much more.

Book Exhibition Area

An area of exhibition is traditionally the space in which objects meet its audience. The Central Library , BCKV organizes book exhibition in its Mezzanine Floor for the patrons of the library. This exhibition focuses on the presentation of reference books to texts and documentation in the field of agriculture education.

Library Office

This section maintains the official data of the library, its employees and liaison with the office of Comptroller to University works department for day to day activities. This section is also responsible to maintain the fund management documents like bill / Invoice to stock register to all accounting and auditing documents which is/are seek by the University time to time.

Reprography Section

The Central Library  BCKV provides photocopying and printing services in most, but not all reading areas. Patrons and researchers may pay for prints. Receipts are provided by the concerned section. The service is subject to copyright and rights restrictions of Indian copy right act 1957, 2012. Two separate units are running out of which one is dedicated for research scholars and teachers.The Library's photocopying charges are as follows:

₹. 1.00 paise per page per impression.
₹. 1.50 single page double side two impressions.