Tiranga March

NSS BCKV organized the Tiranga March on 22 nd August 2016 with huge participation of NSS volunteers along with the teachers and non teaching staff for patriotism Prof. D. D. Patra, Honourable Vice Chancellor, BCKV opened the march. The procession started from administrative building of university covering the whole campus and hostel areas the march came to an end at the same place. Tiranga march showed a good impact on university students, teachers and non teaching staff as NSS volunteers also made patriotic slogans with great enthusiasm. A patriotic poster competition was also arranged. In the morning the volunteers cleaned the campus.

Blood Donation Camp

NSS BCKV organized an awareness seminar and Blood donation camp on 24 th - 25th August,2016, at Mohanpur campus. Prof D.D.Patra, honourable Vice Chancellor of BCKV and the President of the programme inaugurated the camp . The Deans, Directors and other officers were also present. Prof. A. Pariari, Programme Co- ordinator of NSS- BCKV delivared welcome address. Prof. R. N. Mukherjee, Director , IISER Kolkata and the Chief Guest of the programme presented his views about duties of youth towards society. Prof.Sukhen Biswas, NSS Programme Co-ordinator of Kalyani University and Mr. Arunava Chatterjee ,Ex President of Voluntary Blood Donors Association , West Bengal were also present as guest and delivered their valuable speeches on the importance of blood donation and awareness of youth towards the issue. Sri Manab Bhattacharyya, Vice President of BCKV Employees Co – Operative Society made a brief speech and urged for participation in the blood donation camp. The whole programme was jointly convened by the NSS -BCKV and BCKV Employees Co – Operative Society The active and spontaneous participation of NSS volunteers along with BCKV employees at blood donation camp made the programme successful.

Yoga Camp on International Day of Yoga

NSS BCKV observed a camp on yoga in the common room of Sir C V Raman Abas at Mohanpur campus on the occasion of International Day of Yoga . Mrs J. Das ,Yoga Trainer of Kalyani Municipality and Mr S B Dev, Retd. Air Force Officer demonstrated yogasana and meditation very attractively to more than 250 students including girls and boys. They also discussed the importance of yoga in our daily life. Senior NSS volunteers arranged the programme nicely with decoration of the hall, refreshment and anchoring under the guidance of Dr Bikash Mandal, Provost of the Hall. and Dr (miss) D Majhi , NSS programme officer. Prof. A. Pariari, Programme Co-ordinator of NSS- BCKV thanked all the participant and inspired them to include yogasana in their daily routine.

Beti Bachao Beti Parao

The awareness programme on ‘Beti bachao-Beti parao’ was organized at BCKV Mohanpur campus on 30.12.2016. Mr. S K Dev (Ex-armyman) and Prof. A. Pariari, Programme Co-ordinator of NSS- BCKV were the main speaker of that event. NSS volunteers of BCKV experienced and participated in the social awareness programme for the necessity of saving life of a girl child and encouraging girl childs’ education. They also took initiative to spread education among the poor girls in the local villages.

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan 

A numbers of ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ programmes were organized throughout the year with the participation of the NSS Volunteers. NSS BCKV always plays active role to arrange and participate in the awareness programme ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ within the campus and even outside of the campus throughout the year. Under this social activity NSS volunteers actively cleaned campus garden, campus orchard, decorated water bodies and campus surroundings along with active participation of Programme co-ordinator and programme officers. The executions of this social activity was a huge success. NSS-BCKV volunteers has started SWACHH BHARAT AVIYAN at BCKV campus in the garden adjoining to Faculty of Agriculture building with a limited fund. After cleaning of the garden it looks nice. But it immediately needs some constructive work related to concrete fencing and renovation of the water pool inside and also some permanent seating arrangements for the guardians visiting BCKV.
Cleaning of water bodies:
Cleaning of a decorative water body situated within BCKV, Mohanpur campus was an important social activity which was organized many times by NSS BCKV in various times of the year as a part of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. BCKV Mohanpur is a large campus containing buildings,orchards,garden,playing ground and water bodies. NSS volunteers cleaned and renovated water bodies within the campus under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This activity had a good impact on University campus.

NSS farmers- centric initiative in agricultural universities Parthenium awareness day by Burdwan campus

‘Parthenium’ is a very destructive and dangerous weed for agricultural field and now-a- days it is a big issue for the farmers. Activities are going on to aware and train the farmers and local people for general awareness along with management of the weed. NSS volunteers of Burdwan campus organized awareness campaigns to grow awareness among farmers and local people to aware about the devastating nature of Parthenium and to control the weed.

Winter cloth distribution among poor people

NSS- BCKV organised an one day special camp on Winter Clothes distribution to the poor and deprived families at Sangra Para village ,Burdwan by the NSS Volunteers of College of Agriculture, BCKV(extended campus) led by Er Hensh,Programme officer, Burdwan on 23.12.2016. About 100 volunteers alongwith their teachers went to the village with NSS uniform and distributed the winter dresses to many villagers. The local people is very much pleased with this noble approach. Volunteers also shared the health message on sanitation to the villagers.

Nutritional cum recreational garden development

NSS volunteers of Mohanpur, Burdwan and Bankura campus took initiatives to develop nutritional cum recreational garden at the nearby village primary schools by involving the students and teachers of the respective school. They prepared the land and planted seedlings of different vegetables with organic manures only in winter. Some perennial fruit and vegetable trees are also planted in the campus . Besides, many flowering plants are also planted for beautification. It imparted a knowledge to the students regarding organic production of horticultural produce and create interest for agriculture.

Red Ribbon club foundation day

Red Ribbon Club (RRC) of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur, Nadia was established on 6.04.2016 with three units at Mohanpur. Under faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Horticulture and Faculty of Ag. Engineering. The then Honb'l Vice Chancellor Prof. A. K. Chakraborty opened the curtain and lighted the lamp for happy beginning of the noble action of Red Ribbon Club, BCKV . Dr Smarajit Jana , was the guest of honour and key speaker of the function. He is an world famous AIDS Specialist and educated the gathering on HIV/AIDS and blood donation. Other dignitaries present in the function were, Mr Jagadish Jana Assistant Director, IEC, Govt of West Bengal and Mrs Sumita Samanta, Deputy Director, IEC, Govt of West Bengal. About 400 NSS volunteers from all the years of three faculties participated in that programme. A large no of posters and small paintings were prepared by the volunteers At the end of each programmes, BCKV cultural team presented beautiful Cultural programmes.

World AIDS day

World Aids Day was observed at Bidhan chandra krishi viswavidyalaya,Mohanpur,Nadia in the Seminar Hall ,Faculty of Horticulture organised by three units of Red Ribbon Club,BCKV.
About 250 NSS volunteers mainly from the 1st and 2 nd semester of three faculties were present. A large no of posters were prepared by the volunteers by participating in the poster making competition .The posters were displayed to convey the massage among the staff ,students, teachers and common people to build up awareness towards HIV/ AIDS.The programme started with a procession . After the rally the main programme started. Prof A Pariari, Programme co ordinator. NSS- BCKV presented welcome address. The key speaker was Dr. Koushik Chatterjee, Medical officer of the Viswavidyalaya . He elaborately described the responsibility of young generation to spread awareness and build up a safe life towards an AIDS free world.The programme ends with a brief cultural programme by the volunteers.

National youth day

National Youth Day was observed at Bidhan chandra krishi viswavidyalaya,Mohanpur,Nadia on 12.1.2017 in the Seminar Hall ,Directorate of Extension on birthday of swami vivekananda. Due to unavoidable reason honourable Vice Chancellor could not inaugurate the function. The key speaker was Mr Sourav Chatterjee.Lawyer of Kalyani court . He elaborately described the responsibility of young generation to spread nationality and patriotism among all our countrymen. He also mentioned the life and philisophy of Swami Vivekananda. At the end, BCKV cultural team presented a beautiful cultural programme.

International youth day

The main programmes were conducted on 16.6.2016 , 20.11.2016 and 21.1.17 in the Mohanpur campus with the objective to build up health consciousness in every day life. The programme was arranged in the Seminar Hall ,Directorate of Extension and Horticulture by 3 units of Red Ribbon Club, BCKV . Moreover, we have celebrated Blood donation camp with seminar , International youth day as advised by the RRC and NSS authority in our campuses. Our volunteers are also engaged in preparation of nutrition garden in a rural primary school. About 400 NSS volunteers from all the academic years of three faculties participated in those programmes. A large no of posters and small paintings were prepared by the volunteers by participating in the poster making/Drawing competition on the subject of health conciousness and also on Patriotism. Dr. K Chatterjee, Dr. A K Roy (Doctors) participated in the programmes as trainers. The programme also included camp on first aid training. Staff of the Health Dept of our viswavidyalaya trained the students batchwise on this subject. At the end of each programmes BCKV cultural team presented beautiful Cultural programmes. 

Blood donation camp

A blood donation camp was organized by the NSS BCKV in collaboration with Red-Ribbon club BCKV on 07.04.2016. About 250 volunteers were participated and donated blood on that day and many others were ready to donate blood but due to insufficient arrangement for collection of so much units of blood they could not donate blood on that day. The doctors & staff of blood bank of Kolkata Medical collage were present to collect the blood and health check up of all the volunteers and staff of the university .