Research Scholars of M.Sc (Ag.) Students: 2012-2021

Sl.No. Name Year of passing Supervisor Title of the Thesis
 1  Sumanta Panda 2021  Dr. SubhasisMondal  Effect of paclobutrazol on reproductive phenology and yield attributes of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
 2  DeblinaSaha Chowdhury 2021  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Effect of nutrient management on regrowth potential, grain yield and quality in dual purpose oat (Avenasativa L.)
 3  Soumyajit Patra 2021  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Positional variation for grain weight within wheat spike vis-à-vis source sink relationship
 4  Ankamshashank 2020  Dr. Subhasis Mondal  Crop and quality parameters of groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.) as influenced by boron and Zinc
 5  Sayandip Sutradhar 2020  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Effect of potassium nitrate and hydrogen peroxide on growth and biochemical parameters of mungbean [Vigna radiate (L.) Wilczek] seedlings under cadmium stress
 6  Oksana Mondal 2020  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Evaluation of genotypes and variation in grain filling characters under terminal heat stress in wheat [Triticumaestivum L.]
 7  Shetty Manikanta 2019  Dr.Subhasis Mondal  Effect of boron and zinc on kernel yield storage profile of groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.)
 8  Debasish Bisws 2019  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Effect of cutting management and foliar application of KNO3 on seed yield and quality in grass pea (Lathyrussativus L.)
 9  Debanjan Paul 2019  Dr.Subhasis Mondal  Effect of  boron and zinc on mustard (Brassica juncea L.)
 10  Kousik Atta 2019  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Comparative physiology of drought, salinity and heavy metal stress in germinating seed and seedling of ricebean [Vignaumbellata(Thunb.) Ohwi and Ohashi]
 11  Prabachan Chettri 2019  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal  Comparative physiology of drought, salinity and heavy metal stress in germinating seed and seedling of grass pea(Lathyrussativus L.)
 12  Dwan ArkiniChallam 2019  Dr.Subhasis Mondal  Sucker production of the post-harvest banana corm (cultivar Baishchhura) under different hormonal and nutritional regimes.
 13  Kitbok Rangad 2018  Dr.Subhasis Mondal  Studies on yield and yield attributes on groundnut with special emphasis on its response to boron and zinc
14 Debjani Dutta 2017  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Effect of Cadmium and its interaction with zinc in groundnut [(Arachis hypogaea (L.)]
15 Trisha Sinha 2016 Dr.Subhasis Mondal Growth analysis of some newly bred promising chickpea genotypes
16 Sital Kundu 2016  Dr.Subhasis Mondal Growth analysis of two genotypes of each of mungbean and blackgram with disparate growth habits
17 Pragun Pal 2016  Dr.Subhasis Mondal Reproductive behavior of mango cultivars with different bearing habits and their productivity
18 Mohammed Anwar Ali 2016  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Studies on dry matter partitioning and yield in groundnut[(Arachis hypogaea (L.)]
19 Ananya Baidya 2016  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Evaluation of lentil genotypes for heat and terminal drought stress
20 Sundarlal Bachar 2015  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Physiological changes in Mungbean(Vigna radiata (L.) seedlings under heat stress
21 Sushil Kumar Yadaw 2015   Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Differential responses of mungbean genotypes to salinity stress at early seedling growth stage
22 Deepen Tamang 2015   Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Physiological changes in different germinating seeds and seedlings of mungbean under abiotic stresses
23 Arindam Ghosh 2014  Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Studies on dry matter partitioning, Nitrate reductase activity and their relation to seed yield in mungbean [(Vigna radiata (L.)]
24 Manoj Karmakar 2014   Dr.Subhasis Mondal Molecular identification of polyembroyony in Citrus sinensis
25 Sibu Mandi 2014   Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Effect of drought stress on seedling growth in mungbean[(Vigna radiata (L.)]
26 Sankar Pramanick 2014   Dr.Subhasis Mondal Characterization of Citrus orantifolia plant type through molecular technique
27 Apurba Pal 2014   Dr.Subhasis Mondal Application of molecular techniques for detect of uniform plant type of mandarin [Citrus reticulata blanco]
28 Surya Kant Hembram 2012  Dr.Subhasis Mondal Studies on multiple embryos germination in citrus seeds and their use in tissue culture
29 Gaikwad Dinkar Jagannath 2012   Dr.Subhasis Mondal Physiological and biochemical impact of arsenate and arsenite during germination, early seedling growth and grain feeling period of rice
30 Rathindra Nath Banerjee 2012   Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Effect of salinity stress on germination and seedling growth in mungbean[(Vigna radiata (L.)]
31 Sandip Bhui 2012   Dr.Anjan Kumar Pal Standardization of hydroponic culture of rose plant ( Rosa chinensis)

Research Scholars of Ph.D. Students: 2012-2021

Sl.No. Name Year of passing Supervisor Title of the Thesis
1 Sankar Pramanik Submitted in 2021 Dr. SubhasisMondal Effect of paclobutrazol on growth and yield of mango and its management for sustained yield improvisation 
2 Sibu Mandi Submitted in 2021 Dr. SubhasisMondal

Improvisation of in vitro macro-propagation efficiency of banana corm through nutritional and hormonal interventions

3 Surjakanta Hembram 2020 Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal  Comparative physiology of salt and water stress in groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.)
4 Riyajul Islam 2020 Dr. SubhasisMondal  Characterization and Floral Induction of Bangla and Metha Types of Betelvine (Piper BetleL.)
5 Gaikwad DinkarJagannath 2020 Dr. SubhasisMondal  Betevine: crop physiological responses to light environments, organic and inorganic supplements and standardization of protocol for mutagenesis
6 Jahnavi Sen 2019 Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal  Effect of Terminal Heat and Drought Stress and its Mitigation by Micronutrient Application in Lentil (Lens culinarisMedik)
7 Apurba Pal 2018 Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal  Evaluation of groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.) genotypes for salt tolerance and amelioration of salt stress
8 Girhepuje Dipak Harishchandra 2018 Dr. SubhasisMondal  Characterization of Kapoori and Sanchi types of betelvine and their response to some bioregulaters
9 Pallab Kumar Das 2015  Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal Response of mungbean genotypes to cadmium stress in relation to pollen biology, seedling growth, solute accumulation and antioxidant metabolism
10 Swapan Kumar 2014  Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal Evaluation of groundnut genotypes for drought and heat stress tolerance
11 Tanushree Das 2014  Dr. SubhasisMondal Molecular marker assisted selection of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant elite banana clones of north eastern india
12 Prakash Chandra Gupta 2014  Dr. SubhasisMondal Studies on responses of rice genotypes to arsenate and arsenite including their entry into the plant system
13 Apurba Shit 2013  Dr. SubhasisMondal Physiological approaches along with cultural management practices for promotion of yield and quality of jatropha
14 Denish Rai 2013  Prof. Anjan Kumar Pal Changes in growth, enzyme activity and osmolyte of rice bean [Vigna umbellate (Thunb.) Ohwi & Ohashi] seedlings during abiotic stress and recovery
15 Minsura Begum 2012  Dr. SubhasisMondal Effect of arsenic on physiological and biochemical responses on rice